Audio tours done by experienced guides and world travelers.

Walk through Paris with Mary and Pierre, your personal tour guides. They will simply and engagingly tell you all about the fascinating history and exciting legends of the city.  


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The audio guide is a personal tour for the same low price as a cup of coffee.


Any time, morning or evening, rain or shine, our guides are always there for you. There are always fun routes and some of the best sites to see..


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As soon as you download the app there will be a tour of Paris waiting for you. Soon there will be tours in Barcelona, Amsterdam, Istanbul, and the other great cities of the world. During your travels you will not only collect beautiful photos, but also a bunch of information about the history of the city. Our tours are not only interesting, but also educational.

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Available cities

Our tours

Here is a list of possibilities that we already have available or we expect to be available in the near future. 

Historical Paris

You will see everything from Notre-Dame to the Louvre. You can learn about how the people lived and made it through Paris during the rule of the Romans and the Gauls during the middle ages and the Renaissance. We cover everything from the common dwellings of the common people to the brilliant French King's court.

Around the Eiffel Tower

THAT era of Paris: world renowned exhibits, Art Nouveau and of course, the most important tower to see in the city. Just think about all the photos for your Instagram!  

The Gothic Quarter of Barcelona

Only here can you still see these wandering, narrow streets that preserve thousand of years of Barcelonian history. You will be running to hear about knights and fair maidens, and at the same time have a drink with Picasso.

The Center of Strasbourg

Oh, all the cutest things you will find here, like the quaint little half-timbered houses! But why does the Cathedral seem to be missing a tower? And why are the covered bridges not covered? All the secrets of Strasbourg are now in your smartphone.

Istanbul and its Saints

Europe and Asia. The West and the East. Christianity and Islam. How can they all stay in it's own place, but also respect each other in one dynamic city like this one. And don't forget all the cats.

Hidden Treasures of the Louvre

La Joconde, Venus de Milo, Winged Victory of Samothrace or Nike of Samothrace, French Marianna or Liberty. Do you know how many other famous heroines live in the Louvre? We have a two-hour tour telling you all you need to know about them.

Why choose us?

Now, you have probably used many other audio guides in other museums. You go up to the painting, press the right number, and hear about who the author was, in what year they were born and so on.

With us it is not nearly as boring, even though the fundamental principle is similar. You can now walk through the city and listen to the history, legends and strange myths and rituals through personal headphones. When you make it to the specified locations the guide will automatically know where you are and begin telling you about what you are seeing. All of this is available in Russian, and we preparing English-language launch too.

We have more than 7 years of experience in writing guides and informative texts for individual and group tours. We have chosen the most interesting places that include the unique routes that travel through them. We will show you the city from all the most beautiful locations.

Maps and routes

You will see for yourselves the most famous sites, and explore them up close in places where normal tourists have never been.

Yes, we have the inside scoop on the locations not listed on any tourist's map, even though that doesn't make them any less interesting.

A personal experience

Unlike group tours, you are not surrounded by a crowd of people and you can always pause the audio, get a drink of coffee or wonder from the path to explore a museum. We will wait for you, unlike a normal expensive guide. And no matter where you are, you will be able to hear the guide without anyone interrupting.


How our audio guide looks

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Reviews of our audioguides

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I didn't think there would be such a convenient app for my phone! It's a full tour and personal guide right in my pocket. I can listen whenever I want. Very awesome, I hope they will soon add the list of available cities.


Interesting app. I was surprised when I first heard the audio-guide. The voice was very soft and didn't hurt my ears. It was very pleasant to listen to. The information pours into you like a rushing stream. None of it was irrelevant. I learned a lot of new interesting things. I would recommend it to anyone curious and anyone who called themselves a traveller.


Great app! It was very interesting to be able to find two places that I thought were beautiful and that I enjoyed. It's exactly what someone would need if they were travelling.