Red-Light District in Amsterdam


16 stops     1 h 30 min     3.54 km

A tour through Amsterdam at night, on secret streets where other guides do not go, up until the famous Red-Light District where the fun never ends.

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Amsterdam at night is a city wrapped in a web of secrets, rumors and gossip. On these narrow streets in this old city you can buy everything from marijuana to love. What’s true and what’s not in the stories of the freest city in the world? What’s the secret of Dutch tolerance? How and why did this strict Protestant country legalize prostitution and “light” drugs? Where do the Dutch search for “an hour-long girlfriend” and why are the lights red? We will show you Amsterdam at night as it is, without embarrassment or vulgarity. You will see a real monument to prostitutes and a monument to homosexuals, the first museum in the world of condoms and the oldest sex theater, the Red Light District and the last remaining squat, one of the first coffeeshops and the most modern store of “magic shrooms”. Let’s go. You’ll like this tour for sure!