Dubrovnik – the old town tour


Dubrovnik Old City Tour

24 points 2 hours
Explore Dubrovnik at your own pace with an audio-guided tour.
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It's even more stunning in person than in the movies! Are you eager to discover the authentic, ancient Dubrovnik and uncover its secrets? Indeed, it has plenty! On this tour, you'll find out which country claimed Dubrovnik as its capital, the connections it had with Venice, and the reasons behind Richard the Lionheart's visit to the city. You'll be captivated by tales of catastrophic earthquakes and brutal sieges, miraculous survivals, and everlasting curses. You'll explore the filming locations of Game of Thrones and discover the resting place of the Iron Throne. With this audio guide, you'll make a wish guaranteed to come true and revel in breathtaking seascapes. Ready to wander through the narrow alleys of Dubrovnik's old town? Then download!