The Louvre is a huge museum with a collection of more than 300 thousand types of art. Looking at them even one time is just an unreal experience. But nobody wants to be in the Louvre and get lost in the sheer size and amount of the collections, and miss something really important.

We offer you a solution: an audioguide around the Louvre. In two hours it will show you and tell you about the most notable works in world culture. With us you will not only see art, but better learn to understand it. A lot useful and fascinating (and sometimes fun) information is waiting for you. And most importantly, you will be able to enjoy the Louver at your own pace, having the opportunity at any moment to turn off the sound or repeatedly listen to any of the recorded segments.

You can download your tour here.


  1. In comparison to the cheapest group tour, our audioguide is 3 times cheaper. And 10 times cheaper for an individual tour from uncertified tour guides.
  2. You can go at your own pace and no one will bother you as you are admiring the art.
  3. You can visit the Louvre whenever you want.
  4. Our audioguide can be used offline, you don't need an internet connection.
  5. Our audioguide has been approved by professional historians, we guarantee you 100% accurate information

A walk with our audioguide will: save you time and money, show you the most interesting pieces, and help you learn more about the artists, pictures, and the concept of art as a whole. You can download the audioguide here.


  1. Specially assembled plan of tours which till help to see the most important works in 2-2.5 hours (the dialogue itself runs about 70 minutes).
  2. Detailed descriptions of more than 20 of the key exhibits, illustrations can be found in the app. You will find any piece you need without any difficulty.
  3. Descriptions of the halls of the Louvre and interesting facts about the lives and creative journeys of the artists.
  4. Useful tips and life-hacks
  5. Lots of fun and jokes :)


Our audioguide is a pre-prepared plan to visit the museum, arranged in chronological order. In just one tour we will tell you about the history of the king's court and the museum and, at the same time, while going from hall to hall, we will follow the evolution of the world's art. From Venus Miloski to the Mona Lisa and the legendary works of Napoleon. We will familiarize you with the masterpieces which even today influence us and our perception of beauty.

The Old Louvre and the King's court

Treasures of Ancient Egypt

Art from ancient Greece and Rome

Masters of the Renaissance

French painting up until the 19th century

Much much more...