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Louvre Audioguide


31 stops     2 h


The Louvre: the best masterpieces and treasures in the museum in only two hours

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Even in those unprecedented times, let’s keep dreaming about our future travels. We’ve slashed prices on all our audioguides, and they are now available for only 0.99 euros each. You can now buy our tours via iOS or Android app.

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Our tour of the most interesting museum in the world takes you to see the most important masterpieces in two hours. It’s the optimal time to not get tired and learn a lot of new things about Leonardo da Vinci, Venus de Milo, Raphael and Michelangelo. When Venus lost her arms, why does France’s lady liberty have her breast exposed, what kind of issues did Freud find in Leonardo, is Dan Brown right and where in the museum can you hunt foxes? We will tell you the history of the Louvre and show you how the palace looked during the kings’ reign. Don’t you want some interesting history to go with your selfie with the Mona Lisa? If you do, download it!


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