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The gothic quarter of Barcelona


21 stops     1 h 30 min     3.96 km


Our trip through the Gothic quarter will take you through the historical center of Barcelona, La Rambla, the main cathedral, Roman ruins, the royal square and much more.

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On this tour we’ll walk through the Gothic quarter – the heart of Barcelona. We will see the most important sights of the Middle Ages city: La Rambla street, The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia (or Barcelona Cathedral), several churches and Roman ruins, palaces and luxurious squares, narrow alleys and a view of the sea. How was Barcelona built and where is the name Catalonia from? And why were the kings of Aragon here? How did people live here in the Middle Ages, and why is Barcelona one of the world capitals of shopping today? Where are the geese from in this city? What do you need to do to be happy for at least the next year? Our trip is about anwering all of these questions and many more!


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