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City tour of Strasbourg


19 stops     1 h 30 min     2.64 km


A tour of Strasbourg: The Petite France region, the covered bridges, and the old and new cities. The tour includes a visit to the Strasbourg cathedral.

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Do you know how many times Strasbourg has changed hands between France and Germany?

And why the main cathedral only has one of its two towers left?

Where the roofs on the covered bridges are in Strasbourg? Why are there boots on the roofs?

And how did one of the local churches get a leopard? Where did they drown witches in the Middle Ages and how did they check for worker competency?

Our tour has the answers to all these questions as well as many, many more. We’ll tell you about the thousand-year history of Strasbourg, the birth of the printing press and the city’s legends.

We’ll tell you where to find delicious food and show you the best sights in the city.


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