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City tour of Amsterdam


15 stops     1 h 30 min     3.67 km


A tour of old Amsterdam: through the narrow curvy streets up to the great palaces and canals.

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Amsterdam is a city with a surprising history. It grew from a poor fishing village into a nautical capital. Christian pilgrims came here and then journeyed to new lands as fearless sailors. They gathered wealth, but then lost everything in the blink of an eye in “tulip fever.” They conquered the elements and built one of the largest and most beautiful cities in the world on a swamp. Let’s go walk on the streets of Amsterdam. Why did they build canals and why are the buildings so narrow? What did the great Rembrandt do in the winter and why did sailors bring monkeys back with them? Why was the first Dutch king nicknamed a rabbit and how did the Dutch survive until the 19th century without a king? These questions will be answered during our tour. We will see the royal palace and Dam Square. We will compare the Old and New Churches and visit the remaining medieval towers. We will walk through the flower market and find a piece of Russia. Let’s not lose any time. Let’s go!


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